changing your phantom color (client side only)

quick little guide i meant to do

in cheat engine do a string search for CHR_PHANTOM_PARAM

there should only be one result, add it to your list and open the memory viewer

set the display type to 4 byte decimal and locate the value 792. this is the white phantom color value

change this number and equip the white ring. note that this also applies to summoned white phantoms and is only visible to you - even if you’re green people still see you as a white phantom

mobswapping in dark souls 2

attach cheat engine to dark souls 2.

perform a case-sensitive string search for “CHR_PARAM”

two results should pop up, add the second one to your list

click on your result and press ctrl+b to open the memory browser

right click in the memory browser and set the display type to 4 byte decimal

resize the memory browser so that there are six columns. it should look like this

example row of values: 293200 3050 10240 293200 2235 9880 

293200 is a separator, don’t mess with it
3050 is the id of a creature, do not edit this or the game will crash
10240 is the creature that the game will load
293200, again a separator
2235 is the id, again don’t touch
9880 is the actual spawn id
so 10240 and 9880 are the numbers you want to edit. simply change one of them to the id of the desired monster and the game will spawn that one in instead
note that some enemies will behave strangely or not at all. some enemies may be “incompatible”: attempting to replace one enemy with another may result in nothing being spawned eg: replacing the halberd hollows with the looking glass knight doesn’t seem to work but replacing the shaded woods ghouls does. health and other stat values may be out of whack, especially when replacing normal mobs with bosses.
if you wish to make an attempt at “fixing” the mobs consider looking into the following params. BEHAVIOR_PARAM (there’s 3 of these), ENEMY_DEFAULT_LOGIC_PARAM, CHR_MOVE_PARAM, ENEMY_ATTACK_PARAM,


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